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August 23 2017

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August 19 2017

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Slav Wars: Teutons Strikes Back
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August 15 2017

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Slaanesh Champion
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W muzeum pełnym sztuki i tak patrzyłbym na Ciebie.
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August 14 2017

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~Half-Suit of Armor for the Field. 
c. 1575
North Italy, Brescia (?), 16th century

Decoration was critical to fine armor, and etching was the most commonly used technique. Here, the bands along the borders are etched. On the breastplate, pauldrons (shoulder guards), and tassets (hip and upper leg guards), etched medallions enclose profile busts reminiscent of ancient Roman portraits. The lance rest on the breastplate indicates that this half-suit was once part of a complete field armor for man and horse.
The etching technique used for armor was developed in the late 1400s. The metal surface was first coated with an acid-resistant substance, such as wax or varnish. An etching needle was then used to scratch a design into the surface. The exposed areas were then treated with an acid that would “bite” or etch the lines into the metal. When the coating was removed, the etched design was blackened for contrast.

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